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Bear country

Our friendly neighborhood bear made another visit yesterday in the early morning. This time, he left tracks so we could reconstruct his vandalism. He bent the feeder pole to the ground and ate a seed cake along with all the black oil sunflower seeds, then walked around to the front of the house where he actually stood up and leaned with his paws against the front of the house while he removed the nut feeder. He apparently examined the Christmas wreath on the front door as well, judging from the huge paw prints next to it. Then he shambled up to a neighbor’s feeder and gave it the same treatment.



Wouldn’t you know? The one morning I let the dog out and then go back to bed for awhile, to rest up for the Thanksgiving preparations. Wouldn’t that have been amazing to see!

Here’s hoping he goes into hibernation soon. He totally mangled our nut feeder and generally has dietary requirements far beyond our bird-feeding budget!

Deer season

The deer were everywhere in the nature preserve where the girls and I took our walk yesterday…

doe and fawn






Inquisitive, but not especially easy to spook. It’s bow season right now, and I know some hunters who would have been glad to see them. No hunting in the preserve, though. I think the deer must know.


Nighttime Visitor

We had a visitor in our suburban yard the other night. Though we slept through it all, a bear is surely the one who bent our bird feeder pole to the ground, ripped off the suet cage, and feasted on sunflower seeds and suet.




We left it in disarray for the day and the following night, despite the disorientation of the offended birds. It’s back up now and we’ve had no return visits. Hopefully the culprit will be in hibernation before too long!

Bean there, done that


This little rabbit loves to hide out in our beans. They are a perfect cover, and the fence that we erected to keep him and his kin out is in all probability a nice protection against the neighborhood foxes and cats.

As far as I can tell he’s not actually eating beans or bean plants, but rather weeds. We saw him on Sunday for the first time, and I suggested that my daughter catch him in her butterfly net.


We let him go outside the fence, and he hid in a hole in the wall. But he may already be outgrowing that mode of escape.


I need to get some finer mesh fencing for that half of the garden — like what’s around the lower half to keep out the woodchuck I observed lifting cucumber vines in both paws and chomping down with relish. But meantime, this is a cute little garden ornament, and as far as I can tell he’s not doing much if any harm. At least, not yet.


Four-legged feeder visitor

I saw this gray fox one evening out by our bird feeder and it ran away. I figured it was hunting for an unwary ground-feeding bird. But the next morning it reappeared, and it was eating the bird seed on the ground.

I’ve never heard of a fox doing this. Live and learn!




Everyone was feeding their young this week when we took our walk in the woods. This was probably a once in a lifetime sight… I think Mrs. Doe had a fast getaway in mind, but she tolerated her two hungry fawns for a minute before leaping cleanly over them and leading them quickly into the woods.


The redwinged blackbird babies were hungry too…


…as were the orioles.


Other sights…

Indigo bunting

Indigo bunting



"Indian paintbrush"

“Indian paintbrush”

Red-eyed vireo

Red-eyed vireo

That’s just a sampling… There were many other sights and sounds, too. This time of year it’s impossible to document them all.


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