Artist at work

My daughter has been documenting the drama of the hawks featured in Cornell University’s red-tail nest cam. It was not an assignment, but something she’s done on her own initiative. There have been multiple revisions of some of the pages as she’s worked to get the details right in illustration and writing.

Last week we visited the campus and were there when the first chick fledged. She came home and finished the project. I think she’s done a really great job of capturing the highlights of the red-tail family’s journey! So I’m sharing the book here as a tribute to her diligence as well as to the impact of the cams as an educational experience.

Yes, there will be more to the story of the hawks, but this is probably where this particular book will leave it. She may go back and type the text and tweak here and there, but the substance is completed. I’m glad she stuck with it all the way to the end! It testifies to the impact learning and caring about something can have.

I’ve written about our real-life visits to the hawks on April 7 (at my other blog), May 12, May 27, and June 6. A few more thoughts and pics from June 6 are here. Our family has had a great time following them through the nesting season!

3/4 of the Raptor Geek Squad, April 7

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