The male goldfinches are glorious when they brighten up after their winter drabness.


I fear my camera was damaged when it tipped over and hit the ground at a polo match over the winter. It doesn’t focus sharply when I try to zoom in on the beautiful spring birds. I’m not sure where to take it for repair.

Here are a few more bright fellows back in time for our chilly spring:


Indigo buntings come through this time of year, but they have never stayed before. Who knows? Maybe this year they will.


The rose-breasted grosbeak is always a favorite. We have three pairs of them battling over the feeder.


Orioles are beautiful, conversational singers. I’ve read that grape jelly in a hummingbird feeder will bring them in. We’re using our feeder for the hummers, as we have three ruby throats — a male and two females — depending on it. But maybe I can find a way to rig up a feeder for orioles, too.

IMG_2646sm IMG_2675sm