Yesterday we finished our book work early, so we took a woodland scavenger hunt from this book and headed out into a sunny fall day to see what we could see.

The first task was to find “something older than yourself.” Not too difficult in a forest! There were numerous good-sized trees around, as well as plenty of snags and blow-downs.

How about “something smaller than your thumb”? The blooms on this white flower (yarrow?), one of the few hardies to have withstood the recent frost, fits the bill.

Older Daughter also thought of berries, which a flock of migrating robins were munching on.

Along with the dragonflies, white-throated sparrows, red-bellied woodpeckers and chickadees, the robins satisfy the third challenge: “something that flies.”

I saw the first robin of spring at this preserve, and I’m guessing these may be the last robins of fall. All were dull-colored, and travelling together in a group. At one point we counted seven in the same bush — though it was hard to get a clear view. They flapped and fluttered and clucked and shook the leaves, and generally gave every impression of wary and purposeful activity.

Next comes “something taller than you.” Easy enough: trees, as well as the hillside.

“Something that needs air.” Hmm. It would be harder to find something that doesn’t need air! How about humans for this one?

“Something younger than yourself.” Virtually all the leaves, dying in a blaze of glory after a few months…

“Something that makes you laugh.”

This guy squealed and ran from my daughters, only to find himself a yard from me before freezing in horrified indecision.

“Something that is important.” Water…

“Something that you have never seen before.” A new path, though I have no pics. It delighted us all.

“Something with a smell.” Again, no pics, but autumn has a smell all its own. I suppose it must be decay, but I think of it simply as “fall smell.”

Last, “something with spots.”

Gorgeous day, satisfying sights, time together.