Ponds & Streams

Brick Pond

My youngest and I decided to “carpe the diem” and take a walk yesterday, even though it was late in the day and we didn’t have much time. We chose Brick Pond, a site nearby that usually promises some rewarding sights. The mud in the pond was at one time used to make bricks, and… Read More Brick Pond


Summer Afternoon

We took a walk last week at Sapsucker Woods, following the trail around the pond. Flowers reflected and drank up the sun. Chipmunks are so common, but so photogenic. This one took refuge in a hole almost under our feet. A little farther on, we saw this bird — a wood thrush, I think —… Read More Summer Afternoon


A few more sights from this week

I live in a beautiful area, though until the sun comes out we can easily forget. This week has helped us remember. We cannot display this gallery” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]


Even sparrows

In trying out the new camera my husband blessed me with, my most cooperative subject was a song sparrow. There were other birds around — a yellow throat, a yellow warbler, a redstart. The sparrow is the least exotic and colorful. Yet a close look shows even sparrows to be remarkably varied.

Miscellany, Woods


We took an afternoon walk yesterday to see how a familiar preserve looked in the sun. Here’s a new flower — with the not-so-catchy name “narrow-leaved blue-eyed grass”: It’s only about a half an inch across, but it was neat to see a new adornment on the ground. Here’s a closer look: A veery was… Read More Wildflowers


Cloudy and green

Around here this spring, we have to accept the overcast as an almost constant state. But the temperature was pleasant and even a little sultry, so we ventured out. A may apple in bloom Plants continue to develop even in wet conditions. This interrupted fern shows its fertile leaves. A closer look My daughter noticed… Read More Cloudy and green


Finding flora

Blue sky was unexpected, so we seized the day. Though my camera is still in the shop, the cell phone worked to capture some memories. We were hoping to see some early ferns and wildflowers, and we weren’t disappointed. Sensitive fern Pasture rose Trillium Wild cherry The May apples had formed buds since last week:… Read More Finding flora


Spring songs

A prothonotary warbler that hit a window, recovered, and flew away. My camera is off to a Canon service center to get its autofocus repaired. Some internal problem keeps it from getting sharply focused images. That leaves me with eyes, binoculars, and ears for processing the season. It’s a blessing in a way, because I’ve… Read More Spring songs

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Spring Marsh

It was in the 40s this morning, but the sun was inviting. We headed for a nearby marsh in search of spring warblers. The May apples were just opening their “umbrellas,” and a riot of green shoots of all kinds reached for the sun. These ferns were fist-bumping! Others stretched their fronds more tentatively. This… Read More Spring Marsh